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21 best places in the world to launch your business

21 best places in the world to launch your business


If you have an investment and want to start a new business, then you must think of the best place to start your business. There are many factors that influence your choice, but this list of the best 20 places to launch your new business can really be a good guide for you.



1- New York City
New York City is one of the best places to open your business especially that it has recently launched a remarkable number of new, impressive and nationally recognized enterprises. Most of the entrepreneurs who are interested in initiating a business in the world of ecommerce will absolutely find New York a very fruitful city. Moreover, many female tech entrepreneurs have made remarkable works and achievements in NYC; women account for one-fifth of startup entrepreneurs in the area.



2- Norway

Although Norway, like many other Scandinavian counterparts, has a high tax rates which made some businessmen avoid it. However, it has a great transparency and lack of corruption places which may be a good reason for launching important businesses there.


3- New Zealand

New Zealand is distinguishable as a very strong tourist industry and export market, and particularly in agriculture. It opened its gates for new businesses which are highly attracted to it because of the lack of corruption and its transparent government practices.



4- Canada

Canada has a GDP of £36,300 per capita, it is also considered as a high-tech industrial society which has its special benefits of high standards of living. In Canada, the service sector is the biggest economic driver.



5- Finland

Finland scores 5th on the “ Open for Business” sub index, and it is ranked 7th in the world for its great quality of life. It actually follows the same strategy as Norway , so Finland has a remarkable government transparency and it also demonstrates a low level of corruption.


6- Sweden

Like Norway and Finland, Sweden operates a special facilitating system of free-market capitalism which is combined with a comprehensive welfare state. The tax environment in Sweden is not as favourable as other countries, but it really has a high government transparency and lack of corruption.


7- Panama

Panama  is a state which connects Costa Rica and south America, it scores 10 out of 10 for the favorability of its tax environment and known as a “tax haven”. However, Panama has corruption more than any other country in  this list.


8- Denmark

It is another Northern Europe’s Nordic country in our list. Denmark signifies a low level of corruption and a high level of transparency. It also has a highly-skilled workforce and an average of £36,400 ($45,700) GDP per capita , which all serves as an industrial and financial hub.


9- Switzerland

Switzerland is a very special country to launch your business, actually this federal European republic is considered as a highly attractive place for everyone to live and work. Moreover, It has many qualities which encourage the investors like a transparent government, a highly competitive tax environment and free of corruption. It is also ranked  as the best country in the world.


10-  Luxembourg

It is just a small country located in the western Europe, and it is often described as a “tax haven,” since it offers huge tax incentives for companies and investors to move there. It also has typical benefits and one of the most competitive tax regimes in the world.



11- California
California, especially Silicon Valley, remains the gold standard which attract investors and startups. It is the ideal location to start a new business due to the area’s support network and funding potential.


12- Boston, Mass.
In Boston, launching a new business is fruitful, since it is ranked first in the study’s funding index. The entrepreneurs in Boston-area are educated ones and have a PhD. However, they can quickly sell off and they are more interested in creating a great product, thus they are less driven to build a company.

13- London, U.K.
The united Kingdom is a great place to start a business, especially in London which is  considered the best in Europe for startups. London has a similar support system similar to that in Silicon Valley. London-based entrepreneurs rely on like-minded colleagues in their area.



14- Paris, France
France was not built with the help of any foreign entrepreneurs and investors like many other countries. Moreover, Paris has had trouble regarding attracting the most talented business minds found in the world. However, recently startups began to come to France to open new businesses but still only 7% of entrepreneurs in Paris are female.


15- Sydney, Australia

There is a good number of startups in Sydney, but they are not known as other startups in the world because they often face significant challenges while influencing their markets outside of Australia. Therefore, most startups in Australia go after smaller markets, have fewer employees and don’t have a big capital.



16- Chicago
Chicago has a good Groupon (GRPN, +0.27%) and attracts many entrepreneurs especially the Windy City which is the best in the Midwest. Most of the entrepreneurs operating in Chicago are at an average age above 37 years old which are the oldest in Startup Genome’s list of the top cities which attract startups.


17- Moscow, Russia
Among Startup Genome’s list of top startup ecosystems, unlike Chicago, entrepreneurs who are working in Russia are the youngest. Actually, they are even younger than those working in Silicon Valley. However, to move up on the global startup food chain, the startups will have to adopt new emergent technologies and they must concentrate more on mobile growth.


18- Sao Paulo, Brazil
The entrepreneurs in Brazil and mainly in Sao Paulo focus on smaller markets not on the big ones, and they need to adopt the global shift toward mobile, since only 3% of them are building mobile products. But according to the studies and the statistics which show that Sao Paulo continues to grow, the startup culture will grow too.



19- Berlin, Germany
Germany is considered by many entrepreneurs as an earlier version of New York, but it is different than any other country in almost every way for example, they have smaller target markets, fewer PhDs, and more likely to pick up consulting work on the side. They also have intangible qualities regarding work ethic and motivation.


20- Singapore

Singapore startups benefit from large markets found in China and India, and this fact encourages its entrepreneurs to expand globally. Entrepreneurs in Singapore have a remarkable work ethic, since they spend 11 hours per day in work which is longer than in any other country.


21- Bangalore, India
Bangalore, India is considered a suitable place  for entrepreneurs and one of the top startup regions for several reasons, but mainly because it has a talented and highly educated workforce. However, they need some government support to develop the new businesses in a country which is already crowded with established tech companies.



These 21 countries, which are distributed among almost all continents , are the best for starting up your new business in 2017, so whether you have a big or small investment don’t waste the opportunity and start now.





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