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24 Best Business ideas in India for foreigners in 2017

24 Best Business ideas in India for foreigners in 2017



Are you new in India?

Would you like to invest some money and start your own business but can’t decide what to do ?
Starting a new business is not considered as a game or an adventure but a very serious issue that need time, talent and money. Particularly, a new business in India is plagued by high tax rate, bribery, and a long and tedious registration process.




However, you can take advantage of the Indian teeming population especially of the youths.
First of all, you must decide what kind of jobs you are interested in, and this is a list of 24 idea for your new business.




1- Opening a restaurant with a food delivery service
People are very busy in their daily jobs and responsibilities, even women are working to help their families, so they rarely find time to cook to their families. Therefore, opening a restaurant and delivering food to people can be a great work opportunity.






2- Provision of uniforms for schools and companies.
Studies proved that new companies prefer a special uniform for its employees. Schools also demand a uniform for students and even teachers, so even if you’re not good at sewing, you can open such a business and hire others. You just need to be persuasive and use your  good marketing skills. Schools and companies will likely prefer to negotiate with you than the manufacturer’s.



3- Wedding planning business
Wedding ceremonies in India are not as in other place, they are always made on a grand scale, and most times the families don’t have enough time to plan and take care of every specific detail by themselves. This is  where the wedding planner come to rescue the whole situation. However, it is not an easy business because it requires creativity, and making strong contacts with reliable suppliers and vendors of all the wedding tools.






4- Real estate consultant:

Do you have a good knowledge of areas and the properties? If yes, then you can use your knowledge in your business. You can make deals between the buyer and the seller and charge some money for your consulting services.





5- Book and CD store:

Book store is the place where you can sell general books, stories, stationeries or school books, and adding some CDs and DVDs will make your business better. You can get good money from this business, but you should be innovative about your services, possess good sales skills and provide some facilities.





6- Housekeeping services for hotels, factories and houses.
This business means that you provide hotels, factories and houses maids to help them keep their rooms and properties clean. You can work with many clients at the same time and get more money. All you need is marketing and persuasive skills with an acceptable budget.




7- Bus service website
People everywhere use buses to go to their schools, colleges, offices… so a bus service website which could provide specific information about everything related to buses like the rate of tickets, the channels, the dates of arrival… can really be a great business.




8- Pre-recruitment assessment business
Professional companies always look for hiring  the best employees, but sometimes they don’t have enough time to select the best candidates which suit their company and here you come. This business  bridges the gap between the employers and employees, since you help the companies to select the best candidate by evaluating the employee’s abilities and skills and get paid for that.





9- Custom-made chocolate
Chocolate is a special treat for everyone in every country. Therefor, you can take advantage of this. However, you must make sure that the quality is up to food standards. It can be a big business, especially if you would like to try new recipes.





10- Phone-based business consulting service
This kind of business is home-based so it suits anyone, even housewives. You must have a good network which is crucial to get satisfied clients who will in turn refer you to their friends and business colleagues till you get more contacts and clients.





11- Custom-made festival gifts
As mentioned before, India is so special regarding festivals. Many occasions which need celebrating and giving gifts take place in India. Therefore, if you have the ability of picking out special gifts and wrapping them in an attractive way, then you may open a business that take care of such stuffs. Open a website to promote yourself, and choose a festival period to sell your innovative creative gifts, but you must make some deals with some of the best gift makers in town.






12- Online ads service business
This kind of business is great for everyone, especially those who have many contacts and can get access to thousands of target audiences. Of course this need a good knowledge on networking, ads , websites and many other things related to internet, but it can really be a big business.


13- Yoga instructor: Yoga is a great sport especially in India, so becoming a Yoga instructor to instruct people how to practice yoga can be a good business.



14- Insurance agency
An easy job with no stress, this is something you can do it in your free time. To be an insurance agent means to convince people to pay you for a coverage and when making some deals, you will earn a commission.




15- Ice cream business
If you think that ice cream is a seasonal treat then you are absolutely wrong. Your ice cream store can be a great place which offer many kinds and flavors, in addition to other kinds of desserts. You can also try new unique recipes and have your own brand.


16- SEO Consultant:

Everyday, several blogs and websites are created, and the main reason for them is to earn money. Therefore, usually their owners hire someone to market these blogs and websites and to improve their visibility, so this is a good business.





17-Food products business
Do you have special recipes or a cooking talent? If yes then you can start thinking of developing your own new line of food products. You also need to have some skills in sales and marketing.



18- Jewelry maker:

Do you love jewelries and want to make a business with something you love? Being a jewelry maker may need some training, but it will end up as a good business.





19- Clothing business
The clothing business is one of the most important businesses, since clothes are used everyday which ensure that you will always have clients, and if your business becomes known as a seller for good qualities, you may be more famous and expand your work.





20- Poultry business:

Chicken is consumed daily in big quantities, and eggs are used as food and a beauty product. Therefor, Poultry business is a great business idea.





21- Kirana/Grocery delivery business:

It is two in one business, you can open a grocery, and offer a grocery delivery service for your clients from your shop to their houses. It is really a lucrative opportunity to earn some money. Your clients will pay for buying from you and pay for delivering their groceries.





22-Travel & Tourism:

India is considered a great place for tourism, and thousands of travelers visit India annually, so a job concerning travelling and tourism can bring big profits. The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017 ranks India 40th out of 136 countries overall. India is a fastest growing country in Tourism, millions of Indians travelling now a days, as well millions of tourists are travelling in to India as the Government of India made easy visa policy almost all the countries . India has recently implemented an online method  to apply and receive an e-Tourist Visa.




23- Construction material export:

Whether it is selling stones, sand, cementite, wood, ceramics or any other materials related to building and developing houses… this can be considered an important business idea. India is the second construction material manufacturer after China.




24- Handicrafts business
India has a big number of people, males and females, asking for work. Therefore, a business depending on crafting with hands and some simple tools is regarded as a low investment business with big profits.
These are just few ideas for starting a new business in a big country as India. However, all these ideas need a plan, patience, and marketing skills.




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