Top 5 Foods To Tickle Your Mood Instantly!


Hello to all you dear followers to the 2nd sin of the Satan’s basket of Tears, Gloom, Condiments and then some.

Welcome to our this very humble effort to make yours and everyone’s life as much better than before reading us, as the laws of reality can allow it!

So right off the bat let us tell you this, the thing we are going to speak about are not tricks or tips or hacks or secrets or dark sorcery or whatever they call general information these days!

No, instead whatever we are going to tell you will be more like “Timothy, don’t play on the shingles or you’ll get your head smashed open for sure, you little prick!”

And less like “Oh go on Timothy have your Transformers action figures enjoy some sunlight on the roof that has no railing support because you have been missing risks in your total of 6 years of life, while I talk to our handsome lawyer here!”

So what is the relation between the food that we so mindlessly gorge down and the mood, that sometimes make us remorselessly fantasize about strapping our neighbour’s stupid dog to some spaceship with no regrets whatsoever!

On the front, nothing unless you are really hungry or were looking for that exact kind of food for like 36 days!

But on the inside, that relationship is even deeper and more mysterious than the obvious emotional and sexual tension between Spock and Captain Kirk!

To illustrate my point, here is a link to some really brainy guy that also happens to be a professor at some University, writing a whole thesis on food and moods, because we are too indifferent and lazy to actually write the conclusion of that thing but hey, we realize that you need authenticity!

And that is why this link!

Saw that? No, too lazy to pop up somewhere else now that you are already here! Alrighty then,

Moving on…

So simply speaking no food is magically going to just invoke thoughts of happiness and pleasure when you are really stressed up upon some really meaningful and worrisome chain of grave possibilities.

No food is ever going to even make concern that it holds some valid answer to all your stress and misery when you are desperate to look for answers for the worst of your life’s situations!

Nothing can, no one can, except only for you mate!

It’s not like you are tensed up on that really good job opportunity that you missed or didn’t get and you chow down on some chocolates and Shazaam!

You are all charged up like Popeye for another miserable experience!

That doesn’t happen in real life for a normal person like you and me, it only happens in movies and to the rich folks who have huge 17,000 square miles of a kitchen and 30 million cupboards in that kitchen for 100 million tasty exotic foreign God knows what!

And since this is not some article on psychology, but on foods that relax you, I can only hint this, move on.

Let that stress go, you couldn’t do anything and probably wouldn’t either, except for trying and trying again!


With that in mind let’s explore these Top Five readily available famous foods that help you get relaxed and all right again!

1. Lemonade


Mmmm, yes these simple and easy droplets of nectar of life itself that are easily available wherever there is lemons and sugars and water can be found are what can also be called the Gatorade plus champagne of the ordinary folks!

A common new age internet slang is ‘When life gives you lemons you make lemonades out of that!’ well it sort of feels like that in motion whenever you are having one very perfect glass of this!

2. Sandwiches

No, not the Sloppy Joe one, the simple one, the one with two soft or moderately hard pieces of bread, some leftover meat or curry or mashed potato or whatever you wanna fill those slices of bread with.


Some ketchup maybe onions or tomatoes and done, enjoy some comedy articles on your phone while munching on these treats!

There are many simple and easy to make verities of sandwiches that are tasty and with less and common ingredients, please look for them, while munching on one!

3. whatever you can come up with Eggs

Eggs are like the potato of the meat world, there are literally bazillion ways to make them and every time they taste a bit different and tasty!


Boil them, fry them, half fry them, smash them, scramble them, make an omelette or gulp down directly Rocky style (don’t do that though seriously, it can be not good at sometimes!)

Eggs are what called a poor man’s BBQ!

And a normal guy’s passion!

4. Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk

First get some cheap bar of chocolate then take half a glass of milk and then half a glass of water, mix them together, chill the hell out of that mixture.

You Are Welcome!

5. Tea

Yes, tea and not coffee! But tea!

Tea For Mood Change

Take in some tea leaves, some sugar, some ginger juice (if you want, preferred though), some milk, some water, some music while doing this all and NO skepticism or preset ideologies related to Tea, add all of that in some deep cylindrical bowl, boil it, praise us all your life!

Tea is not only a great and tasty drink that sort of re-energizes your meagre meat sack that you call your…body but the placebo effects and the actual effects of tea are sort of same and wonderful, like the antibodies present in tea leaves and…wait right here, the only and most of all important matter is that it is easy to made and very good and delicious to enjoy and relax instantly!

And that is all you need to know here!

If you look properly then you will come to realize that the foods described here are not the only things that are going to help you in getting relaxed but actually the whole process of making those things, finding those ingredients inside your old fridge…

… Listening to the radio while you prepare these and think about taking some time out while you enjoy these treats with some nice TV time or quality literature is what does the 60% job of relaxing you and creating the base of your relaxation!

This realization will additionally tell you a lot more about how to handle mood swings and depression even without food, the main trick is that you indulge yourself into some activity that is interesting and engages you and if you are making a simple and tasty dish for yourself, then you will probably get your mind off of any pointless point and get all calm inside!

And that is how you prepare solutions, food is just a perk for your efforts to fight back and in your powerfully will be happy!

There are other simple recipes that you can also indulge in for some mood relaxation,  but that is something for the next trip together….

Thanks, till we meet again!