5 Health Tips for People Over 40

Tips for men & women over 40

Hello this is Parry Hotter, three times removed nephew of Uncle Sam, President of Nicaragua and lifetime honorary member of Gotham mental Institution.

Welcome, welcome people who have just hit or are about to knock on the doors of the fourth gate of hell in Human Life, The 4th decade!

Congratulations, you were lucky enough to make out of so much hell even after all that life had to throw at you and best of luck because life is just getting serious at throwing stuff at you!

Hey, don’t take me wrong here, it’s not me who’s trying to scare you, you know, but the thing is that I very clearly remember that time when my gran-pappy called me and said “Parry, Call…911, ahh-” and then fell face first on the floor without actually appreciating that I had done what he told me to!

Grandparents huh, they and their old age, and no one else matters for them, sigh!

Well anyway, so here is this thing that actually made me to share with all of you some nifty little pieces of bits of advice that will make sure your children and grandchildren don’t have to see you fall face first right in the middle of a sentence!

So people right off the bat I would like to get all serious and tell you that these tips won’t work unless you have a clear idea that WHY are you supposed to be doing this!

You are doing this so that not only you but your loved ones do not have to go through tough times in your later phases of life, both naturally and economically, because let’s face it that after thousands of years of all kinds of crap shots that mother nature and historical wars and genocidal massacres had to offer us that we have finally learned to live in peace and started to care for everyone’s pain and thus all services are now affordable and easy to reach, that we still have not learned anything and thus we have to have precautions for our own safety!

Tips for men & women over 40

So (Drum Rolls!) here are the 5 Tips for Men and Women around and Over the Age of 40:-

Do NOT Leave your Breakfast Alone!

Breakfast for over 40 peoples

I can’t concentrate hard enough on this fact that how important breakfast can be for people of any age! It is basically your natural health monitor, having your breakfast every day ensures that you are full for the day and it stamps out all the unnecessary food cravings that you might have gotten otherwise!

Thus keeping your excess fat in check and the metabolism that usually starts to deteriorate around these times in a person also gets all sorted out all by itself!

So all those thousands of dollars on those fat reducing diet regimens and pills and workout programs and medicines and whatnot, all not necessary now, just because you did not forget that very important meal of the day!

Easy In House Exercises!

In House Gym

Yikes! It’s that word again, ‘exercise’ that you have been so shrewdly escaping away from using the excuses of your work and schedule and your sick catfish (because you love cats and fishes and multitasking).

Please, it is very necessary that you give just 5 minutes of your daily life to stretch those legs and do cardio for five minutes and simple resistance exercises for 5 minutes, click here to explore your options.

These resistance exercises and cardio as well, will keep your metabolism in check and also your bone density in order, trust me, metabolism for both sexes and bone density deterioration (especially in women) is one sick piece of hell that will come to bite the crap out of you later!

Check (up) Please!

Health Checkup over 40

So you are 40, you came from office, you feel all fine, but still you have heavy breathing and it is not leaving your side like that time when that very ugly looking cousin of yours glued herself to your vicinity (you turned her down later and now she is hot, congrats life, you win again, now could you excuse the poor guy alone he needs to weep okay!) so why is this happening, the answer may lie in a very mysterious and psychotic nutjob thing called “Blood Pressure”.

BP, sugar, cholesterol, eye sights are some of the regular checkups everyone over 40 should do on a devoted basis just like those adorable, wacky, confusing and sometimes pointless Sunday Church!

Also, see if you have any family history with any dick kind of genetics-related issues, they oughta be checked up now in the early stages, don’t mean to scare you mates, here, check this out!

Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium & Vitamin D Requirement

you can guess that this shit just got real when I did not use a witty wordplay to denote this point, yes calcium and vitamin D, it is far, far more important beyond your wildest imagination (especially for women, especially for women, I typed these two not copied, so please heed!)

Women need to have around 1000mg of calcium and 800 to 1000 IU of vitamin D daily!

A big part of all the shitstorms that women have to bear come from men and right after that they come from lack of calcium and lack of Vitamin D.

Try these healthy and easy tips to scare away bone related deficiencies, easily!

Stress, FINISH IT!


listen carefully here guys, at 40 even small shitty pieces of stuff like family tantrums and peer pressure starts to build up more intensely inside you, which has only one really bad aftermath upon you and your health and that would be related with your heart!

Yes, all the health-related diseases can strike you anytime even after fifty nowadays (well they are striking people in their twenties too but let’s not go there now okay!).

And the only reason, apart from any genetics related reason, of course, is stress. And at 40 you start messing up with it like a rich American child starts to mass upon McRibs, Pizza and his/her parents’ pure lack of attention!

Meditation and yoga are your two best and easiest way to control your mind and stress, yoga does need some expertise but that is advanced one, here are simple yoga steps just for stress-busting purposes anyone can do if they know to read English!

And meditation is all about closing your eyes and switching off all your thoughts by concentrating on something pure and neutral, like a mantra or chant, which within a few days does wonder for your stress-related problems!

Here is the link.

So as we have seen here that 40 is a time when people should actually stop the hell up and look clearly on their past, present, and future to decide a firm route to take on from now, all you have to do is basically be careful and practical and that is it, for additional tips I would like to mention that stop any kind of smoking or drinking addiction, seek help if you must and eat loads of veggies and fruits, trust me they will help you a lot in the approaching next phases!

Well Parry out here, see ya next time!