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Bahubali – The Beginning

Bahubali – The Beginning


Bahubali: The beginning, is an Indian heroic fantasy historical fiction film with spectacular sets and scenes of war and action. It is directed by S. S. Rajamouli and is produced by ShobuYarlagadda and Prasad Devineni.

The film is a big, all-embracing epic that runs for close to 2 hours and 40 minutes. Bestriding generations, going back and forth between the present and the past, sporadic between vastly different landscapes. It is an ambitious work from a visionary filmmaker who skilfully and dexterously fusions a tale of old school palace politics with modern VFX to deliver a consistently watchable blockbuster. It delivers what it promises. Baahubali is truly a few notches above regular movies and has maintained a world class standards in terms of visual effects, sounds and graphics. This movie is worthy a watch just for the hard work of the fanatical and passionate team and also for those spectacular and mindboggling visuals.


 The main cast of the film are:


 Prabhas as AmarendraBaahubali and MahendraBaahubali


                                                                              Anushka Shetty as Devasena


                                                                       RanaDaggubati as Bhallaladeva


                                                    Ramya Krishnan as Rajamatha



                                                 Tamannaah as aAvantika, rebel warrior


Sathyaraj as Kattappa as a royal slave and warrior


                                                                       Nassar as Bijjaladeva



Baahubali Budget
The budget of the movie is more than Rs 250 crores. As of July 2015, the film series was considered the most expensive in India.



The Audio was launched on 13 June 2015. The film consist of total seven songs such as Mamta se Bhari, Jai RahinHain and so on.
In other languages

Baahubali has been released in Tamil, Hindi, telugu and Malayalam. The film was also released in USA a day earlier by Blue-sky Cinemas in 135 screens.


Baahubali: The Plot

Baahubali: The Beginning, is a movie which is basically about a tribal warrior boy, Sivudu who learns his past and looms his destiny. The story is set in and around the fictional and illusory kingdom of Mahishmati. On the background of a mighty water fall, an old majestic lady, Sivagami tries desperately to save a baby from a few attacking soldiers, but dies in the process. A tribal chief and his wife adopted that baby boy as their son. Urged on by inquisitiveness and courage, the boy, Sivudu makes a daring journey against the wishes of his mother, leaving the valley, towards the waterfall and further into the nearby mountains. Stretching out anlong first half the director shows the audience how Sivudu, is simply simply infatuated by a rebel, Avantika, and the movie shows a forthrightly silly romantic track, in which he distracts her with a snake while tattooing her shoulder, and gives her a makeover. Avantika, the leading actressdirects Shivadu, to his fortune beyond the walls of Mahishmati, where autocratic king BhallalDev is mounting a 50-foot gold statue of himself. This cause brings Sivudu to the magnificentMahishmati Kingdom, and makes him antagonize his legacy. Baahubali i.e. Sivudu saves the trapped and incarcerated queen, but later she revealed to be his true mother, Devasena. The film moves vigorously in its second half, when it goes into flashback mode to reveal a familiar story of family battle within the royal household and power,the audience gets a tremendous interval when it reveals Sivudu’s true identity. And he learns about his father, the benevolent and honourable, AmarendraBaahubali, and also about his ambitious uncle, Bhallaladeva.



Box Office

Baahubali, on the first day of its release collected rupee 75 crore (US$12 million) worldwide which was the highest opening ever for an Indian film until Kabali bested it in 2016 by earning ₹87.5 crore (US$14 million). . Overall collections of the film stood at rupee 650 crore (US$100 million) till date.



Baahubali: The Beginning, opened to 100 percent occupancy in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana .And on its first day of release in India, it grossed around rupee 50 crore (US$7.8 million ). While the Hindi version earned around rupee 5 crore (US$780,000) netwhich was the highest opening for any film dubbed in Hindi. And the Telugu version alone earned around rupee 65 crore (US$10 million) net in first weekend in India. The Hindi version grossed over rupee 40 crore (US$6.2 million) net in the Mumbai circuit.



Critical Reception

The film shows electrifying royal hunts, roaring elephants, well-built heroes and dazzling and stunning heroines, complete with the Indian staple of songs, dialogues, action and dance. Set in the illusory kingdom of Mahismati. Baahubali is more than a film for their fans. It has brought regional pride and loyalty to its language to the frontage. It has been a remarkable achievement for Rajamouli . Despite its flaws the movie is nothing short of a miracle and excitement for the viewers


Baahubali2 , The Conclusion

Baahubali, The Beginning has taken the Indian Film Industry to a new level in thhe world with the Handgun Creation. “Why Kattappa did kill Baahubali?” has taken the movie to a new level. Baahubali, The Conclusion, directed by the Rajamouli, the handgun creation is released in over 8000 screens worldwide. The movie gets a 4.5 stars rating for the spectacular to the eyes. The film’s staple story is in the second part. The film is just a feast to the eyes with the graphics and war sequences which will make you feel the intensity. It is the first Indian film which has the star cast and a world which was created by the director went on to become most prominent and notable movie in the world.



The second part has revolved around only six characters – AmarendraBaahubali, Deva Sena, Sivagami, Kattappa, Ballaladeva and Sivudu. Tamanna which was Avankita, only appears during the climax of few seconds.




The Conclusion of Baahubali begins with Katappatellling the audience how he ended up killing AmarendraBahubali. In the story all the distress starts when Sivagami appoints AmrendraBahubali as the king of their kingdom. The film shows the audience how Baahubali falls in love with its princess Devasena, when he paid a visit to a small kingdom called Kuntala. The twist in the film starts when, Baahubali’s mother, Shivagami changes her decision and announces Bhallaladeva as the king. The film ends with MahendraBaahubali declaring peace when the audience sees MahendraBaahubali’s coronation.


Box office

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion , on the first day of its release grossed rupees 217 crore (US$34 million) worldwide which is the highest opening ever for an Indian film surpassing Kabali . It set a new Indian record of Worldwide gross of about rupees 540 crore (US$84 million) in just 3 days

It also set a new record of highest ever domestic grosser in all languages in India grossing rupees 565 crore (US$88 million) in 5 days. And became the highest grossing Indian film ever with worldwide gross of rupees 792 crore in all languages in just six days.



In India, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, grossed rupees 152.6 crore (US$24 million) on its first day of release. By the end of the third day, the film had grossed rupees 415 crore (US$64 million) in the domestic market.  And by the end of first week it grossed rupees 695 crore (US$110 million).It stands in the highest ever for a Hindi film, breaking the previous record of Dangal.



Critical Reception

Behold, it is one of the first great Indian film of three-hour action and adventure about an actor whose heroic deeds fascinate and entertain the audience. Baahubali 2, The Conclusion, is everything the audience want. It is a big-budget fantasy movies.

And because of the blessedly short flashbacks and fittingly bombastic expository dialogue, visuals, action and silly romance, viewers of Baahubali 2, The Conclusion, don’t need to see the previous film to know what’s at stake. The action choreography is exciting, the operatic plot is enthralling and convincing. It is a flashy, big-budget film with an infectious sense of momentum. It is loud and there are musical numbers. The VFX were improved than Baahubali: The Beginning: Baahubali, Devasena and shivagami characters are given the priority in the movie. Even the political drama in the second half is good.




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