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Hello friends this is my first article, hope you all like it. Nature is god best gift and world is beautiful place to see. We all have a dream of seeing a specific place ones in a lifetime. Some love to travel and then go ahead and make a career in that field. Today I am going to discuss one beautiful place in world i.e. Canada, so let’s talk about it. Canada is most reputed country, suggested by expert for starting a new life overseas. Canada has also become an eye catching attraction for tourist too. One disadvantage that Canada has is it harsh winter. But this is not stopping tourist from all the over the world to visit Canada.



Canada is nature bless country by god because it is mostly occupied by forest and tundra and Rocky Mountains. Canada is beautiful country with vast landscape and scenery and very good access. Canada has been popular choice by people because of it beautiful nature, friendly people and diversity.When it comes to world ranking Canada is second largest country by total area and fourth largest by land area. When it comes to sea it is one of thecountries in world that is covered by three different season three sidesi.e. Atlantic, Pacific and Artic in North. When it comes to river Canada has large river running throughout the country.

Canada is country that occupies the Northern part of North America. They have a beautiful city and diversity when it comes to human settlement.In terms ofworld ranking with reference to business, Canada ranks 19th in world out of 189 countries according to Canadian Business. There are two major languages spoken in Canada they are English and French.

Canada has also been ranked first as reputable country by expert, followed by Norway and Sweden on third place.


Important Cities of Canada:

Canada is very well connected by airways from anywhere in the world. Capital of Canada is Ottawa.       Country is second largest in world and has cultural rich cities; in addition to it are natural wonders.

  • In Central the country is occupied by Central Canada is occupied by its best cities and waterfall i.e. Niagara waterfall (world largest waterfall), Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, and Quebec City.
  • In north it is we get an opportunity to see polar bear and national park with beauty i.e. is Nahanni National park, and cities like Whitehorse and Yellowknife.
  • East has another beauty like cities of Halifax and St. John, again followed by GrosMorne National Park.
  • Again west is not far behind, Canadians cities one can say Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary make best part of it.

Let now discuss few major attraction and cities of Canada.

  1. Niagara Waterfall :

Niagara is a collective name for three waterfalls they are Horseshoes fall (largest), the American Fall and Bridal Veil Fall (the smallest). Niagara waterfall is located at US – Canadian Border. Horseshoes fall lies on Canadian Border, American Fall is entirely on America Side, separated by Goat Island. Bridal Veil fall too goes on American side separated by Luna Island.

Total height is of the waterfall 167feet and there are three drops. Best time to visit Niagara waterfall is summer.  There is a tourist spot for watching Niagara waterfall very near to the waterfall with observation towers, restaurants, souvenir shops casinos and hotel. Niagara waterfall can be best viewed from Queen Victoria Park, where the falls are illuminated and fireworks are displayed in summer.

  1. Banff National Park:

Banff National Park is one of the first and oldest national parks in Canada. Park is located at Calgary in the heart of Rocky Mountain in Alberta province. Hot water spring was discovered by three railways workers, this is how national park came into existence. Now a days Banff national park is one of the major tourist attraction. Best time to visit it is in summer. Banff national park is surrounded by ten mountain peaks, glaciers and Lake Louise (turquoise green water heart of Banff national park.) This green water reflects the mountains and surrounding. At the south is lovely town of Banff that provides accommodation, shopping and dining.

Main attraction of Banff national Park in winter is ski. It is one of the most prominent destinations for ski in Canada. In summers one can enjoy the wildlife in National park by watching animals like grizzly bear wolf, bison, bighorn sheep, bald eagles and black bears.

  1. Vancouver:

Vancouver is said to be one of the best city to live in world many a times. It is known for its cultural town and scenic beauty, rich parks, cosmopolitan population and rich diversity.

Vancouver star attraction is Stanley Park. Vancouver is known for vibrant colour that i.e. ski, gardens and woodland, a British Colombian city in Canada.

  1. Toronto:

Toronto is largest city in North America. Toronto is capital of Ontario and is home to one of the world tallest CN tower (height 1851 feet). Toronto is also said to be one of the world most diverse cities. It has places like Chinatown, little India, Little Italy etc. It has huge skyscrapers, busy street busting with people and good transport. One can say it is more like a clean cut New York. Tourist gets attracted towards CN tower, castle of Casa Loma, beaches and other outdoor activity.

  1. Montreal:

The second largest city in Canada after Toronto is Montreal. After France, Montreal is home to many French speaking people. Montreal is cultural and financial capital of Quebec City. Major tourist attractions are historic Old Montreal, Olympic tower, much family attraction like theme parks for families and water parks.

  1. Ottawa:

Ottawa is capital of Canada. Ottawa is located at southeast of Ontario. Ottawa is located at Gatieau and Rideau River. The heart of any country is it capital. Similarly Ottawa is central hub for financial, commercial and federal establishment including the Parliament Hill.

Flowing from the heart of city is Rideau River that major tourist attraction. In winter this becomes the world largest ice skating ring.

Ottawa is small, peaceful, charming and bike friendly city to explore in Canada.

  1. Quebec City:

If one wants to explore historic cities in Canada than Quebec City is the right place. It is the largest province in Canada. City is appears more like French heritage, architecture and language makes it looks like a European village. Old Quebec is said to be UNESCSO World heritage site.

It is spread on Upper and lower town of Quebec. Lower town is occupied by St. Lawrence River and is home to beautiful Chateau Frontenac. It is major tourist attraction in the city.

Upper Quebec is spread across 100 meter high cliff and is occupied by Citadel, the Plains of Abraham (Place d’Armes).

Quebec holds world best winter and summer carnival that attract tourist from everywhere. Music is the main attraction. One can also enjoy the best hotel in Quebec when planning to stay there.


  1. Whistler:

Since Canada is known for its winter, Ski is major sports that are carried on. Again Whistler is two hours’ drive from Vancouver which is important winter sports area. It has gain popularity for summer too. The place offer world class skiing, beautiful mountain scenery and many other activities.

It is a skiing area between two mountains i.e. Whistler and Blackcomb. It has North Americas one of the largest Skiing resorts.



There are many other places too that one can visit in Canada but these were the major attraction. Canada will be celebrating 150th birthday in 2017 so country will be in full energy, party planning and plenty of cultural activity. Quebec City is mostly known for its winter Carnival. Itis one of the world best cold weather carnivals in the world.

All destinations offer a very beautiful experience. They are unique in their own way. God has created this world to be a beautiful place. Love for nature is what makes one happy and gives peace to mind and body.

So if any one of you have love for nature and want to explore it lets try Canada this time.

Hope you all find this article useful.

Written by Ms. Sana Syed


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