Dating Tips For Men’s Point Of View

Dating Tips For Men

Obviously, we all are searching to have a good time. What defines a good time better than a good romantic date. I would say in today’s time dating has become quite fun as well as little easy. I mean rewind the life a few years back when there was not much dominance of social media and no dating apps were available we were just dependent on chat rooms to find a blind date for ourselves or just wait eternally for that one party that would gather friends friend and there is a chance 1 in 1000 of meeting your next potential dating partner forget about falling in love. Well, love can happen anywhere I would not argue about that but to find the correct person you surely need to explore the lot available in front of you and that exploration requires dating.

So how do we define a date? Everyone can have their different definition for me the basic definition of a date is when a girl and a boy meet each other for the sole purpose of spending time and getting to know each other. That simple date might take any form later on like a romantic date, a sexual date or maybe you feel after few meetings that this is going to be your ultimate hookup partner for life means you might also all in love.

So cut to present scene, we have plenty of fishes around us to catch and they are making themselves available online via various dating sites or apps. You can at least talk to them or see their pictures before setting up an official date. This would save you from the shockers that many of you must have got when these things were not available. When I first started dating in my teens I talked to a girl in a dating chat room. So we kinda liked each other, we exchanged numbers and after a month-long conversation on the phone, we decided to catch up. Well, I am not trying to demean someone but the description that she gave me had the impression of Cameron Diaz in her young days. So when I finally went on to meet her wearing red sweater and flowers in hand my heart was in literal shock to see a distorted version of Hodor in the game of thrones. I have no words to describe. Anyway, So you guys are saved from such shockers.

Even though the dating world has loosened up but certain basic rules of dating are still the same and despite being more evolved a lot of us are doing the same mistakes. Certain things in the man-woman relationship are same since the time of origin of sexes.

Let us see certain rules of dating in the modern world. I am writing this off from men’s point of view. No, I am not being biased, actually, I am sitting with few of my friends so its kind of a mini survey that I have done here and shared their experience.

Dating Tips For Men

So here are the 10 dating tips expectations from men when they ask you out and especially if it’s the first date.

Be on time:

This, not just a date rule, this is the general rule if you are going to meet someone. Please be on time. In today’s busy world you never know how somebody has managed the time for you, so you should respect that. Being late for the scheduled time just pisses off the other person waiting and this situation has the potential to ruin the night. In case if you are getting late for some reason at least inform the other person so that he understands the genuine situation and feels that you are equally interested in meeting and values the time.

Dress up for the occasion:

One of my friends told me this incidence while I was asking him about some questions regarding being on the date.He said he invited a girl to an ethnic dinner to know her better. He mentioned clearly to her that it is going to be a cultural dinner where we will have all the authentic dishes and music from that region. The girl he invited appeared in a mini skirt. Now that was not a much pleasant surprise for him. So it is better to discuss your plans with the one you are going out and decide what you are going to wear that evening. Give little more attention to your hair and makeup(if you use). This shows the other person that you are very much interested in him and has put in the extra effort to dress up for the occasion.

Do not poke into personal space on the very first date:

My this friend I guess had some great experience of going on some, not so cool dates. He told me another thing about this girl that he invited for dinner that she had too may question regarding his activity. Like asking about every call he is having and asking about every message that he is replying. He said Cmon that’s our first date do not act like a possessive girlfriend. Give me my space. Well, I do not think I need to explain this point any further.

If not pay at least intend to share the bill:

It is considered a courtesy that boy should pay the bill. But I believe this concept is long gone for women earning equally good as men. You should split the bill because you both were equally interested in meeting each other. Right? Well, most of the guys still follow this rule that they should pay so if you would ask them to split the bill there would be fewer chances that he would agree but this would definitely make him more happy about you that you are a modern woman.

Do not expect the first date to be the dream date in the most expensive restaurant in town:

First few dates are just to know each other so forget about all the fancy stuff that you are dreaming about. The person might just take you to the nearest club or bar or restaurant. This is just to decide to you, how you react to things and to know you better as a person. If you guys progress with the things, dates would definitely turn more romantic and exotic.

Do not talk about your ex-relationships:

This is the biggest turn off for anyone. If you talk about your good or bad experiences of the last relationship it clearly gives another person the idea that you are still lingering on things and you are in a comparison mode. If not saying out loud, you are definitely comparing him with your ex in your mind.

No Family Biographies:

We are happy to hear about your family and friends but would appreciate if you try to know me more rather than telling me the minute details about your friends. Basically, talk about us. If you both are sitting together obviously you guys would talk about yourself might mention friends and family but do not just talk only about them. Try to know each other as a person. Try finding out the likes and dislikes of each other, talk about future ambitions and past experience and where do you see things going from here. In short talk about “Us” not “My Life”.

Do not nag too much about things while on date:

Nagging is never a very pleasant thing for the other person who is on the other side of listening to it. Nagging shows negative attitude about life and that you are just looking at the problems. This gives the impression that if you both are going forward in future, you would definitely be nagging about things and nothing is perfect in this world. This is a lot of headaches.

Be confident:

The girl who is confident is always attractive. Guys expect you to conduct yourself in a confident manner.

Be open-minded:

If you have gone on a date with a guy that shows that you are enough open minded but do not fuss about the place and things. Do not resist the direction of date, if it is going in the romantic direction. Yes, you have full right to put your point across if something is making you uncomfortable but the point is at least give the guys a chance to hold and take the time in the certain direction.

There are several other things but this is I guess enough for this article. Dating rules are not standard rules, they vary from person to person. What works for you, you will get to know only after a few horrible dates. But these tips can help you reduce the number of horrible dates. Keep watching this space for more dating tips for men.