She Drove in the midnight rain


A Simple Story of A Family With A Crucial Climax revolving around A Girl :-

After that a four years went on. She grew up with her world changing. The cycles turned into a long way gone valley. Once her dad told that “One day a vision changes with almost all remaining the same, exact places, exact crowd, shines and glitters.” Green freedom behind her house became a memory. She saw the bricks and stones making a factory behind her home. The window shades had those dry water patches. All those childhood nights were filled with a mysterious temptation where her gaze used to reach beyond infinite where the sky meets the horizon or even more. That was the outside balcony. She used to come to her own bedroom walking passed the fan and the extension chord which was attached to her downside part of the wall. A vivid but hollow greenish light ray used to come from the exterior part of the room. Rebecca used to rejoice by meditating it as the light from the church. Some days she used to stand at the balcony and contemplate on the church walls. She has also asked her father about the architecture as she proposed a certain interest in that. Her father told her that the walls were made by the Russian bricks and it was invented from stones which were covered by the sand out on a wide sea shore. The intonation of the designs were made by Japanese craftsmen which were nearly created around in 1450 ad. She used to look at the cross which were constant rotating. Somedays there were no clouds on the other days she used to notice some colourful birds on sitting on the top of the cross.

One night her father was late from work. She was studying on her bedroom, the dim light was on, the green light were reflecting all upon the stickers of her room. Her mother was talking to her sister on the phone and she was jiggling and smiling through out the conversation as her sister was talking about their plan to go to a short vacation. She was listening to her would be experiences and was watching her sofa covers. From her room outside there’s a tree full of green leaves .At night time generally a yellow brown color falls on the leaves and it looks amazing. Ruhita, Her sister were talking about the grade of evan’s school. In that case there’s a pride in aneeta’s mind as always Rebecca was a grade owner in school. Rebecca takes a view in her book and leaves his math copy and goes out from her room and walks pass the dining and reaches to her mother’s room “mom when we are going to take dinner, I am feeling hungry” Mom replies “very soon. as soon as your father come” .From the other side of the phone Ruhita’s voice comes in. She says to Aneeta “That voice is Rebecca’s right? How is she? I want to talk to her”. Aneeta stops her child as she was returning back to her room and tells her to come and talk to her aunt. On the phone Ruhita’s voice comes in she asks “How are you Rebecca? I had word with your Sunday you all are coming to our home. Sometimes you can teach mathematics.he is weak in maths ” Rebecca replies “okay aunty I will show him” In the meanwhile the calling bell rings of their home. Today Rebecca was happy as her father was about to bring her a present. It was not any ordinary present. Her special and adorable Barbie doll and the remort control car which she liked and wanted to buy from the shop which was side by to the boutique on which her mother gives all the sarees to make falls and pico. She rushed to open the gate .And as opening she saw her dad with a long black and tall guy who was completely covered up by black suits. Rebecca noticed carefully that he was wearing a rimless glass, and as well she guessed that he have got a high power in his left eye. A pierre cardin pen was in his pocket. She hugged her father and as well the man beside his father cuddled Rebecca a bit. In a childish way she asked “Where’s my present dad?” Dad tilted his hand around his back and put it front and gifted her the present. She was very happy on that moment.She instantly became happy. What do the parents want in their life ?? They want the happiness of their child. The smile on their child’s face stay as long as a sweet transparent memory in their mind. After seeing dad with her office friend she thanked her father and hugged his father and also hugged the Barbie doll with all her passion and ran back to her room keeping the car in her right hand. Aneeta came out of her room and her husband said “He is my office friend. His name is Marc. We are assigned by our company that we have to make a clear display of a diagram for our project a mechanism which is to be build on the main road of 3 bristal avenue. He will stay here for a few days. We had our dinner on the way back home.We stopped for a little while. So You and Rebecca have your dinner.And I am so very sorry that you waited for so long. I shouldv’e called you but it was so sudden a idea that I couldn’t inform you. “ Aneeta replied “It’s okay. Nevermind. You are late though it is not too late .we will have our dinner.don’t worry and if you say now I will clear the study room. It’s now a mess. All the washed clothes are there” .A prompt reply came that they will manage by themselves.

Rebecca’s school bus came and cranked the horn on staying on the door way. Usually in the morning she gives alarm. She is a independent girl as she assumes. Over and over from her childwood her mother says and strokes on things and matters as to do all by herself. Whenever any elderly persons asks Rebecca about her being she always says “I am brave and an independent girl. I am not a coward.” Her mother planted this behaviour within her from childhood. Rebecca used to carry her own school bag in centenary school where as every batchmate of hers used to put the bag on their mother’s or father’s shoulder. Where Rebecca’s home partition as well the last wall ends on the left hand side there is some free space covered and partitioned around a fence.Then there is a home with blue and white color. The bus takes a right turn from the start and on the way to their school there’s a house comes which have brown bricks. Those are parted out from the home. A white Labrador always stay out in the open lawn with his plate kept outside. Rebecca feels a very strange connection with the house. She never misses to see the house on her way to school and back. Sometimes she thought to go and knock on the door of the house and say or ask that who lives inside the house? Who are they? What’s the name of the dog? But an unknown fear always prevents her from going into that house.

That day was also a same day as everyday when she was out for her school in her school bus. Suddenly two men came out from the house with loaded gun and stops infront of the school bus and makes the gun point at the driver. The driver was as usually very much afraid. He pushes a rash break on his vehicle. Then by the gun pointer the men gives him the signal to come out from the bus. As soon as the direction the driver gets out from the car. The unknown men pointed out to the man about to open the gate of the bus. With the gun point on his head he followed the order. The two men went inside the bus and picked up Rebecca. The two men were wearing masks that’s why the driver didn’t know their original face. A few steps ahead there was a blue van standing on the opposite foot of the road . One man out of them two took her by two hand and carried her till the van. The driver started the engine and they were out of the sight within no time. Already the school students were terrified and panicked as they have seen their friend to be removed by the two suspicious unknown men. On the contrary side Rebecca was much calm when they took away her. Only some tear drops fell from her eyes. And as well she was completely shocked. A drive into unknown, in her deepest fear she never have imagined that anything like this can happen to her. It was just as another day. She was younger thus what she would do wasn’t completely clear to her. She was also thinking why anyone would pick only her. She tried to find the reason though it was unrevealed. The future was indefinite.

Rebecca was a loved girl in her school. The teachers were enlightened by her skills and abilities. Rebecca used to draw pictures paintings of designs, nature alone in the class breaks or tiffin breaks. Her drawing teacher even came to their home to talk to her mother. Often he was applauded with admiration and appreciation of Rebecca’s drawing.” As parents you should know that your child possesses a good knack on drawing. Continue her drawing as well with her studies. She will shine or can also become a painter afterwards. Some days ago our school organised a talent hunt show. The paintings were send out for valuation from a renowned institute. And your child got the fourth position. And She is an very able and different girl than the rest. Always keep an eye on her. She will do great in her upcoming days. I am sure of that” .Aneeta became much happy and proud about Rebecca.

The day Rebecca went missing from the school bus was the same day she had some important classes in her school. That day specially they were about to be informed about the terminal exams which were about to happen shortly. The day was as usual. Her mother made her ready for the school. Her school bus went on for school and she bid her good bye and went inside the home. Generally Aneeta’s husband takes his food after his daughter goes out for school. And as a routine Aneeta sits up with her hand wooling. Aneeta is attracted towards the hand work. She works upon the sarees on falls and picco. And she goes to pick up Rebecca from school. Aneeta was about to take her lunch and suddenly phone bell rings and she turns off the flames and goes to pick up the phone. The wire of an electric cooler were fallen upon on the mattress by which her foot were trapped. She got down to remove the wire from her foot and then answered the phone. She picked the receiver up and there were no sounds. “ Hello…. Hello…”. No answer were from the opposite side. She kept the receiver down and went. She was just going to enter in kitchen and again the phone rang up. She rushed to pick it up “Hello…Hello… “ This time also she got no reply .She further added “Who is there? Why no one’s talking? “ From the opposite side one husky voice replied very slowly “Where is Mr. Josh Walner “ From the other side of the phone “Yeah He is my husband. What Happened ?Who are you? “ “It’s not important  who I am. I will again ring back in evening.I want Mr. Josh Walner Then. Your child is with us.Exactly on 6.Do remember, By then I want him”. Aneeta in a very afraid voice replies “ My daughter is with you? How? She is about to be in the school by now? And why don’t you call josh in his phone? No sound came from the opposite side. Aneeta continued “Hello hello. Why you aren’t replying. Don’t hurt my daughter “ Soon she got the tone of disconnection.

Aneeta felt as the soil beneath her feet moved for an instance.She was terribly sweating and even her hand were quivering. She sensed a palpitation which ran through from her head to toe. On that very moment and afterwards she didn’t know to do what and how. She seemed troubled and puzzled. But after a few moments she collected together herself and called her husband and told about the matter. “ Stay there. I am coming home. Nothing will happen to Rebecca.” Aneeta thought about reaching her school to find out what happened, as Rebecca’s best friend also go by the same bus. Aneeta imagined that she is may be able to enlighten them about how the thing happened! And what happened exactly that they can inform the police. But she waited for her husband to come

The clock was turning towards 5. Aneeta heard the calling bell and rushed to open the gate. Josh was on the door. He came in plunging and went on numb. They both waited holding hands till the clock turns 6. As soon as the clock’s hand reached 12 the phone ringed and josh picked up the phone boldly but with a unsteady voice

Josh : “Hello”

Other :“Mr. Walner?”

Josh :“Yes.”

Other :“Your child is in our custody”

Josh :“Yeah I know. What I have to do to get back my daughter?”

Other :“What do you think Mr. Walner? “

Josh :“What do you want?Money?

Other :“No. That is so old fashioned .Do you recognize my voice?”

Josh :“No. If not money then what do you want?

Other :“You should have”

Josh : What do you want? And is my daughter alright? What have you done to her?

Other : There are some people in the world who values assets more than money. Power is a term mr. walner.

Josh : See If you have any discord with me we can solve that. Why bring my daughter into this.!

Other : Your daughter is an alibi. Now listen to me very carefully, I want you to handover the tender of the bridge project.The recent diagram of the project you working on.

Josh : I can’t hand over to you the data. Those are our company’s confidential data. The employees will be broken down. How on earth this is possible

Other : I am not requesting. That is the cost of your daughter’s life

Josh : I will be ruined.

Other : Tomorrow on rear park i want you to place the bag filled with the tender on 4th bench. The time will be 5’o clock in the evening.

Josh : And my daughter

Other : We will be outside. You will get the direction of your daughter on a paper note.

The person on the opposite side put down the phone. Josh felt an awkward silence. During the whol call his wife was standing just beside him. He lost himself for a moment. He said to her wife “That’s my life’s work. I have a certain reputation. How can I hand over it? I will be nowhere.” Her wife was rubbing her hand over and over on his head. She hugged him and said to be strong. But Josh was left down

They crossed the day however. The clock seemed to stop. Josh was reading on the project. He isolated himself. The next day came. The house became a silent viewer of themselves. Josh went out with the project and reached on to the referred place within time. He left the bag as in told position and there he found a paper where the direction of her daughter was written. He followed that and found the location of her daughter. It was outside the gate of a garrage. She found her daughter unharmed but as close he went he saw a person fading out from vision

Afterwards never josh could find out the reason of the matter. He was in dark.


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