Get Ready To Check Out These Fabulous Travel Destinations Of Asia

The world is a book and who do not travel stay on one page”

This old but alive quote says a lot about travel and tourism. High mountains, lush green valleys, snow all over, traditional essence, exquisite culture and a hell lot of experience is the real consequence of travel. You get to unveil the curiosity inside you and that river of joy starts flowing again, covering your entire self. This is the meaning of travelling, you just move ahead without turning back. Travel lets you feel like never before.


Are you also a travel bug and searching for the next taste to fulfil your travel hunger? Have you been to the world’s largest continent? Asia, is the largest continent not only in its size but also for its beauty and diverse culture of various countries. The countries which collect to form this tremendous continent make it a fun vacation destination for most of the travellers worldwide. Surfers, archaeologists, travellers, photographers along with their families and friends are always ready to know the next travel destination. From the scenic beauty to capture to the badass nightlife and club culture you will fell in love with Asia and its countries forever. Seasons are no bar to the fun and frolic and you can plan to visit the whole year around. You will find the places as fresh and alive every time.


So, plan your trip to Asian countries. Before packing your bags you need some pinches of advice and some options to diagnose.


Here are some of the beautiful places perfect for digging deep listed for you, I bet, after going through them you will not be able to resist yourself from visiting these vacation spots.


1.Beat the heat and enjoy the feast on West Railay Beach,-Thailand:

Awesome beach experience can be here only. Railay beach is one of the most beautiful white sand beach located on the tropical shores of Railay peninsula. Tower shaped limestone cliffs and emerald tides enhance the beauty of this place. It is one of the best destinations on the Asian continent as apart from picturesque landscape it also provides soothing accommodation, food and drinks according to your pocket.

  1. Combination of Man Made beauty and natural Buddhist culture is only at Luang Prabang- Laos:

You will get to see those Buddhist monks travelling on the streets mesmerizing you with the ancient culture of these monks. This small town lies on the confluence of  two rivers and the rugged mountains covering this place make the landscape worth seeing. Luang Prabang is also a home to long tradition of handicrafts which are sold in the markets set at night.


3.Party all night, because it is Bangkok- Thailand:

Bangkok is like a tourist’s second home. Every wanderlust has this dream to visit Bangkok at least once. Bars, clubs and pubs just outline this place and hence this exciting destination mostly lures all the party animals and adventurous throng. Apart from this exuberant nightlife experience you can spend your peaceful days by visiting Buddhist temples such as Wat Pho.


4.Hangouts,carnivals and music, Go Goa- India:

Want to see the lives of hippies? Then Goa is the ultimate travel destination you are going next. Amazing nightlife and really happening music festivals make this place a perfect place to land. Vast beaches like Calangute and Baga beach add to the scenic beauty along with long coconut trees. If you are a group of friends then spending time near the campfire on the vast beaches of Goa at night will be the most exciting and lovely experience for you.


5.Visit the realm of Gods – Angkor Wat and travel Cambodia:

A breathtaking amalgam of both urban life and traditional temples, this place has it all. Cambodia has a depressing history hidden in the depth of Tuol Sleng Prison but it also offers an exuberant and serene experience at Angkor Wat which has a lot more than its name. Not only the aura of this ultimate destination but the natives and their smiles also bind the travellers with them. The capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh has a beautiful riverside scenery and caters the travellers with cultural and exquisite dining cuisine.

6.The Home Of Australian Surfers – Kuta, Bali Indonesia:

The major beach resort towns of Indonesia, Kuta and Bali are home to several Australian surfers. Their awesome beachside location and tourism scene is the perfect combination ever. If you are having Asia on your list this time then you cannot afford to miss out these destinations.  To have the true Balinese feeling you will have to stay for a few days here and spend some time in Kuta, Sanur beach not far away or Ubud, the neighbour next door.

Phewww!!! You got a hell lot of names on your list now, confused? No need to land in confusion, once you visit these places in any order, you will just love the places to the core. The best thing about these tourist destinations in Asia is that they speak about their history and offer their present to the visitors completely.  You will be lost, you will be mesmerised but at the same time you will love to be there forever.

Other countries including Nepal, China, Malaysia Vietnam and many more also bind some really mind boggling adventures and scenic beauty. Asia covers a lot and has many hidden truths, waiting to be explored and unravelled by the tourists worldwide. Everytime you visit these spots you will get something new, not only to admire but to learn also. There is unbeaten power in the pages of  history along with some untold stories of love and hatred. You will get some examples of ethnicity and also modern standard of living.

So, what are you waiting for, every single moment is the right time to explore the nature and people. Pack your bags and head to Asia!!!

Written by Ms. Shristi Giri


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