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Travelling for your one time holidays should be special and in the hands of someone who can make your tour comfortable and memorable. First thing to do is search for the travel company to manage the journey.

And it’s obvious to find our travel company First Flight Holidays in the leading companies list, being the best world class travel company. Since 2011 we bind a trust and satisfaction for every client on behalf of the first flight holiday travel company. What are you looking for is what we have and much more to experience you on the destinations you choose and pack. Here is the key to get the most extraordinary and thrilling experience of real touring.

It seems touring is packing, waitng for the long lines at stations, airports and then re-packing the stuff. But trust me it’s entirely lie with first flight holidays; it’s you and your family or your friends or you alone to pack and relax while first flight holiday sees the rest to settlement.

Do not lie to yourself when you find our package so promising, so you won’t find yourself in the fake hands of some agencies for their bribes. But you will see how the first flight holiday team is expertise in taking care of our clients till they land safely back on their heels

It’s just one step ahead to contact us and you will find yourself quiet accustomed to our proceedings, as they are so simple a very reliable starting from the destination you pick and to the package you choose.

Well it too quick to decide where to go and what to do and what not to do, your curiosity of knowing places helps our team to advise you the best and exotic yet safe places to travel.

Your dream destination of wild, adventures or romantic else child fun, we are on for very trip chosen by you and show you the fun on every ride of your precious travel saving every second of your memories.

Let us show you what we have here, our packages and countries with every detail you to know to travel safely and enjoy every moment.

Hot destinations you wouldn’t miss:


  • The world’s largest nation with its great landscapes to the forests and beautiful subtropical beaches is your elegant tourist spot Russia. Being the country with the world’s biggest capital Moscow, it is rich with cultural heritage.

I guess you wouldn’t take risk missing the adorable views of this country.


  • A mix of Malay, China, India and European cultural influences plays vital role in Malaysia where there is a true beauty of its beaches, busy shopping districts such as Bukit Bintang.

Find yourself enchanted with the mystic beauty of the Malaysia.


  • The beautiful country on South China Sea is the Vietnam. A destination to enjoy the nature’s beauty of rivers, beaches and history museums linked to Vietnam.

It will be your pleasure to find much more that impress all long your journey.

BXE4C2 Burj Al Arab Hotel, Umm Suqeim District, Dubai City, United Arab Emirates

  • Want to do fun at nights then you must see the lively night life of Dubai. Many more like Dubai musical fountain, artificial islands, and the Palm resort and marine- animal parks. Get the funs striking experience of city of lights, Dubai.


  • Want to see the elegance of the royal palaces and ornate temples then you would be delighted to visit Thailand, a country with its tropical beaches and well designed resorts. So don’t be quiet, starting pack to see the colors of history.


  • Island city-state off southern Malaysia, is a global financial center with a tropical climate and multicultural population. A determined place to travel and the city environment is Singapore.


Either the destination you pick, you will find us giving you the most worthy and lasting happy experience of your tour. So, we are pleased to have you as our client and take on to your dream truly yours.


Versatile ways to travel:

You choose many ways to travel or many purposes of the travel might be with family for vacation, with friends, students or in groups. Any type of travel it’s our intention to provide best packages to our clients.

  • Corporate travels
  • Group tours
  • Specialty tours

So take time and relax as you need only to pack and enjoy every second of this tour you are destined.


As we are seated in Mumbai India, we also offer some very good holiday packages in India.

India being the diverse terrain – from Himalayan peaks to Indian Ocean coastline; it establishes a historic stand and lovely atmosphere between people from different religions.

You find the versatile cultures and foods that show you the road new with every turn. So don’t forget the beauty and integrity of India and has to visit for the harmonious nature hung in it.

The beaches of Goa are the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation and holiday in India. Water sports and relishing the exotic sea food of Goa, the beaches have everything ,Goa is the perfect place to indulge in beach activities with an irresistible combination of silvery sands, palm grooves and the playful sea waves alluring people with their tidal rhythm. To promote tourism and increase the inflow of tourists, the state has maintained world class beaches and other tourist attractions.

About us:

First flight holiday travels and tours pvt.ltd is pioneering in the travel industry establishing a great bound with the clients from all over the world. We are both inbound and outbound Tour Company we have served with millions of Tourist since 2011.

Apart from this we cordially invite anyone who would be interested to partner with us in this journey. You can bind with first flight holidays and find us more cooperative and friendly. So contact us to spark new terms on this journey.

Any destination, any dream or purpose (professional) of travelling is fulfilled with us. It’s time to relax and save time for the exotic places to be seen and encountered, so our clients are provided with the utmost trained services by any means during your travel and our responsibility.

Come and snatch our special offers for the countries like France, Greece and Spain. The countries where history still lives and a place you find foods that tingles your taste buds, try these adventures destination to make you tour more valuable.

You would like to contact us then visit our site www.firstflight.holiday or you can Call us for instant booking : 91-9833452868    Email : travel@firstflight.holiday. So it our chance to see you satisfied.


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