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Welcome to Norway, land of midnight sun

Welcome to Norway, land of midnight sun

Land of Midnight Sun- Norway

Norway is a country situated in the north of Europe. It is  surrounded by coast on the west  and  on the eastern side borders with Russia, Finland and Sweden.

It is the western part of Scandinavian Peninsula. To the north, west and south, Norway is bordered by Barents sea, North sea, Norwegian sea and Skagerrak.

Norway  is rich in spectacular scenic beauty from its snow capped mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords which are easily accessible to tourists.

Capital of Norway is Oslo or city of green spaces and museums.

Norwegian is the national language of Norway , people of Norway also speak Bokmal and Nynorsk languages.

It is the most fascinating beautiful place on earth . It has marvelous history, jaw dropping scenic sites . According to survey by United nations Norway ranks second among 150 countries in the World  as Happiest people , based on factors like health, life expectancy , freedom and social support.

It is safest place to live as the crime rate is relatively very low.

Arctic Circle  – Norway is located within Arctic circle . The two popular tourist’s attractions are

Midnight Sun and Northern Light or Aurora Borealis.


Midnight Sun

Due to Norway’s high latitude the Sun never descends beneath the horizon in areas north of Arctic circle from late May to late July . Hence, Norway is described as LAND OF MIDNIGHT SUN “. The rest of the country experiences 20 hours of day light per day . From late November to late January the Sun never rises above the Horizon in the North and daylight are short in rest of the country.


Northern Light

Aurora Borealis is caused when the electrically charged particles emitted by Sun in earth’s magnetic field, produces striking light effects in upper ionized atmosphere. There is ethereal display of colored lights, shimmering across the sky in the nights of winters. This gives the tourists mind blowing view.

 Norwegian Culture


 Norwegian Culture

Norwegian culture is linked back to history and geography . It has strong nationalistic movement seen in Norwegian language and media .

Cuisine of Norway

Cuisine of Norway

Farikai – is national and traditional cuisine of Norway along with lutefisk, smalahove, pinnekjott, krotekake . Lefse is common Norwegian flat bread which is popular especially around Christmas and Easter holidays. Their culinary traditions shows influence of sea faring and farming traditions with Salmons, herring , sea foods and various dairy products.

Celebration day of Norway


Norwegian constitution parade day celebrated on May 17th    at Karl  Johan’s gate where you can watch parade hundreds of schools and marching bands. Oslo’s royal palace squire, you can get a glimpse of Royal family. On this day people wear traditional costumes. Most important festival celebrated by them are Christmas and Easter.


Famous Norwegian Personalities

Marilyn Monroe  an American Actress ,singer and model.

Russell Crowe is a New Zealand born Australian Actor, producer and musician .

Paris Hilton – American media personality ,model, singer , Actress and heiress of Hilton Hotels.

Norway is once in a lifetime destination.

Norway is world’s most prosperous nation. It offers cultural and natural wonders like snow capped mountains, deep fjords, Ski resorts, Lakes , coast lines and cosmopolitan capital city Oslo.

It is  famous for its stunning northern light and land of midnight sun. It offers best sight seeing opportunities for the travellers be it by rail, road, foot or by coastal steamers.

Oslo metro is world’s most expensive public transport system. Oslo is covered by bus network of 32 lines. Oslo central railway stations connects its services to all major cities in Norway and Sweden.

Olso is the fastest growing city in Europe due to International migration and increase birth rate.

Norway is the centre  for banking, Industry, Norwegian trade, Shipping . It is important place for maritime trade and  Industries  in Europe. It is home to World’s largest shipping companies, ship brokers and maritime insurance brokers. It ranks no 1 , in terms of quality of life among large cities of Europe. After Tokyo it’s the most expensive city in the World for living expenses.

Nidaros Cathedral Church

Nidaros Cathedral Church is the largest Church in Norway.

Norway is connected to European Continent by highway connection through Sweden and Denmark.

Frogner Park – It is the best known and largest sculpture park made by a single artist Gustav Vigeland . This park consists of sculptures and structures such as bridges and fountains. It is the most popular tourist attraction of Norway and is open to public at all times.

In winters, Norway is the popular tourists attractions for Skiing.The popular skiing Resorts are :-






Best Places to Visit in Norway

Oslo City

Oslo –  Capital of Norway, famous for its breathtaking museums, green spaces & parks. Most of these museums and green spaces are situated on Bygdoy Peninsula. It includes water side Norwegian Maritime Museum, Norwegian Viking ship museum. Holmenkollbakken is famous for ski jumping hill with fjord views.


Bergen – Features colorful wooden houses on the old wharf and centre  of the Hanseatic League’s trading empire. Bergen is a city on Norway’s southwestern coast.

Olso City

Tromso – Is a major cultural hub above the Arctic circle and located in northern Norway. It is famed as a viewing point for colorful Lights that sometime light up the night time sky.

Stavanger – is famous for beach volleyball, museums, hiking, history and beautiful churches.


Alesund – It is a sea port ,is famous for its lighthouses, aquariums, fishing and museums.



Trondheim – It is the third largest city in Norway. Visit for art galleries, churches. cathedrals and walking.


GeirangerGeiranger – is a small tourist village, located  in the western part of the country. Geiranger is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world and has been named the best travel destination in Scandinavian country by Lonely planet.


Nordkapp – is famous for fishing, cycling , camping and cliffs.

Norway Slage

Jotunheinen -National park or Home of the Giants , is the national park where Vettisfossen is the highest waterfall in Norway.

Frogner Park Oslo

Svalbard – Group of Islands between Arctic Ocean, Barents Sea, Greenland Sea and Norwegian Sea. This Island has Polar Bears, polar foxes, reindeer, whales, seals and walruses.


Lofoten Islands – is one of the popular places to visit in Norway. Archipelago is described as one of the most scenic beauty of Norway.

Western Fjords – is one of the best places to visit in Norway. The most famous for fjords include Geirangerfjord and Naeroyfjord.

Other destinations in Norway   are   Narvik,Kristiansand,Sognefjord,Voss,Bodo,Finnmark,Geirangerfjordm,Olden  Norway,Andalsnes,Svolvaer,Lysefjord,Eidfjord,Molde,Lyseboth,Haugesund,Odda,Geilo,Balestrand,Hellesylt,Rondane National park, Rogaland etc which are famous for  Churches, Glaciers, Climbing, Skiing, hiking, mountains, winter sports, ski-resorts, Light houses, Camping, bicycle touring, shopping, fishing, water park, Volcanoes and sailing  etc.


Much of the nature of Norway remains unspoiled, and thus attracts numerous hikers and skiers every year. Norway is the most beautiful country on earth, one should visit once in a  lifetime.


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