A Few Tips on Dating Women!


Hello there boys and sad men, this is one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles speaking here about one of every raging man’s most confusing and maddening problems, the date issues!

It’s my side job here to tell you some neat pieces of advice about approaching a woman and keeping the relationship healthy and it’s your job to understand that there is no ‘hack’ in this okay? No one can hack you into liking Justin Bieber Noises and Kanye West art, you will bring this shame upon yourself if you do those things!

And also to guess which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles am I? (Hint: I like to party)

So we are trying to get that sweet love of your life but how to get it going on with her, you are afraid that there can be thousands of things that can go wrong and Bloody Chad might show up with his stupid guitar or probably Bob will do some beer chugging related idiocracy and you will be lost yet again.

You know what?

To hell with Chad and Bob, let’s do this and get that woman of your dreams, because YEAHHH!

Before we proceed let me declare this to you and you listen carefully as well here mate, this is no tip or trick or hack or loop or whatever people call it denote as some sort of magic spell, I am not going to tell you any tips for getting a girl at all, down you are already, aren’t you?

No, what I am going to tell you is how to be worthy of a Dating with a woman (and to anyone) so that you do not have to chase after them but they see their needs in you!


Observe dear old new ones: A Few Tips on Dating Women-

Be Natural!

You might have read all about this ‘tip’ literally everywhere that you gotta be confident all the times when approaching a girl because girls are like Pokémons and in order to catch them all you gotta have death stare in your eyes and firm grip on your Pokeball;

“AMY! I am gonna catch YAAAAA!” (Throws pokeball, 1 Amy retrieved)!

What I mean from being natural and what they mean from being confident is that you do not change your behavior around them into something absurd or emphasizing but instead talk to them in your daily conversations like you would with any other guy.

Engage them in your day to day crappy experiences, your bitching, that you would share with your friends but instead of cursing a lot, like around your friends, you make it witty or quirky, take a jab at your own silly situations, have some normal laughs at the expanses of your own daily small misfortunes because comedy emerges from sarcasm upon the bad experiences that you and everyone (including those girls) goes through, now you know what I mean here secretly!

Don’t Stress!


Remember you are NOT investing anything into this whole thing or on those girls, whatever you are doing is because you are enjoying those times as well. All your gestures or talks or impressions or whatever are for everyone and not just for her, let her make her mind on her own and you do not stress or over think about it.

You did what you deemed right and that is it now forget about the other night and see if she looks up for you herself or not, remember bud, with some relationships it takes time, so there is no need to make assumptions or over thinking about anything because it will take you down.

So just do your things, be done with them and see if she remembers you or not, if she does all right then and if she does not, then maybe she is not the best option for you, no matter how big of a crush you might have on her.

So, all in all, be dependent on your actions and simplicity and don’t do anything to get a return!

Which brings up…

Learn About Them!









When you are with or around girls try to learn about what sort of things they talk, what are their dreams or what fascinates them more and soon you will catch up on many important and interesting things that can help you out!

Girls are simple to sort, they usually are limited in a very finite space due to their nature or maybe the circumstances so they enjoy the small laughs and small joys more than you may imagine, plus they tend to decide a person first, decide about a man first before being all comfy or intimate with them, with their ideas and desires.

You will have to show them that you are someone that they can trust upon and one thing is for sure that it will not happen fast because it’s not supposed to happen fast!

So you yourself pull the break on your hormones, give some time to them, behave like someone who knows what he is doing even if it’s something crazy or adventurous.

Remember simplicity and subtlety are what will take you to the right path instead of show-offs and douchebaggery!

Close the Mental Gap between You and Her!

mental gap

When you meet someone for the first time you are kinda nervous and kinda scared that you might make a fool out of yourself, that is why there are good friends and then there are best friends, you know what I mean here!

And that is the thing with women too, close the gap that she may have with you, make her know that you are just like her, share your daily experiences but in a witty manner, jab on the crappy system, on crappy relatives and crappy luck of yours. Show them that you are going through the same sort of ups and downs that she or any other human being goes through.

Show her your faults as well, show her that it’s kinda hard on you too, hear her out, entertain her with small but relatable jokes and be on an equal level so that she knows you are okay to share with.

Some girls are shy, some are cocky, some are pure stubborn, some are awkward, some are bossy, some are kinda way over their heads into delusions, some make their personal notes of their prince charming and may overlook an actual one, some are okay too, but the main thing is that if their hearts are in the right place then simplicity and random pieces of everyday jabs at your life’s ups and downs is all it takes to open up with them!

Remember that you treat them as a friend, they themselves crave someone to talk about their own ideas, don’t believe the BS about the friend zone and stuff, friendship is the ultimate form of any relationship where both parties are equal!

So without any personal need to get something, approach them, talk about your own ups and downs and listen to theirs, enjoy yourself around them, be calm, don’t answer anything right away, don’t try to over smart anyone, don’t force your manners, be cool is what I mean!

And if they know themselves then they WILL look out for you, trust me!