Top 6 Amazing Baby Shower Gender Reveal Ideas

Top 6 Amazing Baby Shower Gender Reveal Ideas

A Baby shower is the most exciting celebration for the parents to be. They enjoy this celebration as big s one fest to welcome the new angel on this earth. Parents also held the baby shower gender reveal party to add more fun to this celebration. It is enjoyed with the different type of baby gender using Color Powder and people enjoy it thoroughly. To make this gender reveal party much more interesting and fun loving we have come with top 6 baby shower gender reveal ideas. All who are thinking to plan such kind of party, these ideas will work better than any.

Top 6 Amazing Baby Shower Gender Reveal Ideas

So have a Look at here Top 6 Amazing Baby Shower Gender Reveal Ideas.

1) Gender Reveal using Egg Throwing

This can be the best fun of making fun loving activity showing gender by throwing the egg. You must be thinking how it is possible, how you can use the egg for the gender reveal, please give an attention to our tutorial. With soft hands to break the egg into two parts clean and bleach it. Now spray black paint on the surface of the eggs. Once it gets dry, write sayings or paint stars or polka dots with a white color permanent marker. Now fill this egg with liquid paint and cover the whole with modge-pod and black tissue. Now prepare one white paint board should be stand on the white table cloth.

Now parents can enjoy baby gender reveal through throwing these eggs on that white board paint. You can also go for the same idea with filling blue baby liquid instead pink.

2) Gender Reveal using Color Powder

After all, this is a baby gender reveal why not fill the color in this event. Use Cornstarch Colored Powder instead of using chemical color into this.

Prepare a tin filled with baby gender colors. Invite the guests to take the tin and sprinkle the color in the air. Or else you can fill the balloons with watercolor and throw that on the parents.

With this, they can enjoy revealing the gender of the baby. Or you can arrange lots of color at one place and all can enjoy throwing a color at each other.

3) Gender Reveal using Balloons in a box

It’s time for fun, It’s time to make the moment precious and memorable. Baby gender reveals act is the most exciting event for all. Balloon in a box is the most fun loving acts for the mom-to-be.

Balloon spreads joy, happiness in the environment, then why not use this to add more joyfulness on this occasion. Yes, we are going to give you the best act of balloons in a box here. For this, you will require a baby blue or pink colored helium-filled balloons, a big box to hide the balloons. Get the big box and fill the balloons inside. Now tell the parents to open up and air the gender balloons in the air.

4) Gender Reveal using Pinata

Using Pinata shapes in the different boxes is available now to enjoy the baby gender reveal party. There are many ideas is to break the piñata and let the inside surprise come out.

You can make use of any shape and fill the matching colored confetti inside. This is a good idea to reveal the exciting surprise. Or else you can prepare the big balloons filled with glittery pink or blue color confetti. Tell the parents to pop and disclose the gender of the baby.

5) Gender Reveal using Bubble Gum

When you find that the new baby is going to arrive in the short span of time, parents start finding the best way to explore the gender of the baby. There is an unlimited use of colored candies and bubble gum, which are used to unleash the surprise of the baby’s sex. You can use the colored candies filled inside the cake. Once parents cut a cake pink or blue shade candies will disclose the gender of the baby.

Get crystal clear jars filled with blue or pink candies. Close the eyes of parents and handle them a jar of candy. Or you can give them a blue or pink bubble gum to chew and blow the balloon.

This is really a unique idea to reveal the gender of the baby. Now hide it in one envelope. Let the parents open it up and find the sex of the baby. Parents can use it in many ways to discover the gender of the baby.

6) Gender Reveal using Paint Fight

If parents are sure they are going to arrange the gender reveal party, they must choose this paint fight method. No more planning is required for this celebration. You Just need a garden or open air area where guests and parents can enjoy the color fight. Prepare the water guns filled with the pink of blue color.

Also, prepare water balloons to throw and enjoy fighting. If you want to avoid the water for a fight, you can prepare the balls of color or cloud dough of pink and blue color. Once all is set, let’s get it started. Start the countdown 10, 9, 8….3, 2, 1 and let the parents enjoy spraying color or sprinkling colors on each other’s face. It is a sweet color fight parents can enjoy and get the fun in enjoying baby gender reveal party.



So here are the lovely activities you can do with Color Powder for Gender Reveal. Most probably we all know that there are so many ideas which can be used in disclosing the gender of the baby. Like cutting cake, making clothes, photography, food. But the most important in this is color. Then why not use the color itself to unleash the secret of gender. Hope you all like this idea and expecting parents are definitely going to enjoy this color powder gender reveal ideas. But it is our kind information for all of you to use the cornstarch colored powder because it can harm to mom-to-be and baby. Enjoy it with natural color only.



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