Cab services like UBER, OLA creates new evolution in transport industry with their super cool custom-made rent packages, customer dare to afford.


By Indranil Sinha : Yesterday I was watching a movie, named “The Intern” starred Robert De Niro & Anne Hathway where I was wandered when actress said to De Niro in the movie “I m ubering home “!! Instead of going home she used that and surprised me and left me wondering when I used bus or any other yellow cab for work or any other purpose. Cab services like UBER or Indian company OLA creates new evolution in transport industry and many people actually founded new opportunity with their own cars. So, I researched on this last night and found out some worth sharing reasons behind their success.

  • Let customer finds the best option — UBER cab creates UBERX, UBERGO, UBERPOOL and let do the right thing for customer, to find the best match for him/her. Whereas OLA creates OLAMICRO, OLAMINI, OLAPRIME and OLASHARE options.
  • AC Cabs in cheaper rate — Both OLA & UBER offers AC cab and provides comfort in all of their category that comes up with a very cheaper rate i.e Rs. 7/ K.m.
  • SUPER-COOL Technology – Both OLA & UBER cab has their own app that runs on all platform android, apple & windows and have great features in their app. Ride estimations like price estimate, time to reach destinations, map service with tracking etc gives them the edge.
  • Seamless Driving with professional drivers – Uber and Ola has strict policy behind them and hire professional drivers and don’t compromise on their quality. People love the attitude of their drivers and never get mad at them.
  • Sharing Options — Both cab services launched their sharing or pooling cab options where customer can share his/her cab on the go and pay less. This option actually was a big hit in developed countries like India and give customer various options.
  • Less waiting time –Previously we have to wait for the cab to come and endless wait killed our precious time but these cab services remove that blockage time and aristocrats us with choosing our own cab with our own timing .
  • No rejection — Their drivers have a professional attitude towards customers and follow company policy strictly. People never get offended by them and maintained good relationship with customers.
  • Rating Process — These cab companies uses rating process both way and can know their drivers rating and profiled their drivers along with that.
  • Lucrative Referrals — Ola or Uber both gives many referrals and coupons to customers from time to time so that sometime you can actually weighs up your referrals and take a ride that is absolutely free!!
  • More Availability — Uber you can find always in the middle of the night, come from airport or in the middle of the city and not bothers to look upon other places for renting a cab.
  • UBER-Central & OLA Corporate – Both car services offers business trips and corporate bookings too so that your company can pay the fare on behalf of you.uber-taxi
  • Most people are these days ignored normal cabs and usually don’t care about transport anymore, cause now they have their own vehicle in the form of OLA or UBER!! And that’s mesmerizing, considering how fast you can book a cab and reach your destination. Just open your ola or uber app, book a cab, set the directions and go, usually takes not more than 2-3 mins.

Uber is an international cab service company and runs in 67 countries like US, France, India etc. whereas Ola is an Indian company followed the Uber model and founded success in a quick span of time.

It’s hard to believe that a company, whose only product is an app on your phone that calls taxis it doesn’t even own, valued $62.5 billion. But that’s the reality check here and it seems transport industry gets a quick revamped boost by these cab service company. Ola and Uber both use the technology of surge pricing model in busy hours and sometimes fare is almost twice the original fare but that doesn’t stop people to book cab. People always find the quick remedy of any situation and in these tech driven world Ola and Uber suits them very much.

OLA & UBER providing permanent jobs to millions of cab drivers on their own and developed countries like India has got the very best of these two cab companies.



Many cab drivers in India don’t know what their ultimate future is unless they went to partner with Ola or Uber and successfully fit themselves with the future transport evolution. But with these professional cab services came to the picture, many other normal cab owners get annoyed and created problems with govt. although it has to come upon on them and seems a reality check on them.

Internationally Uber finds great success overall for their quick service and ultra-modern technology and Ola creates good impact on Indian market too. Ola even takes on autos too and partnered with them in some cities of India. While these two cab service company found themselves well renowned still their clash is there and it shifts from road to courts. 

Cab services like these two make people crazy and many people used their own code for sharing and get many referrals for free ride , actually these free rides coupon sets the tone for people like us who just can’t believe that they will drove many miles from on part of the city to other and that also free of cost ! Believe me when I said this, free rides and discounts actually spread the word and Indians particularly very good at spreading the words. My friends from me , from their family, then other people uses referral codes and discounts many time in the starting year of ola & uber and got ourselves addicted to that situation. And when we uses almost every free rides then we realized that actually we used up by that situation and like their idea of renting cab from an app is super cool to this new generation. Oh and that’s not it, our previous generation also got inspired by us and uses these two app quite frequently.  Uber and Ola actually the missing jigsaw puzzle in the transport industry where both the companies uses specific tactic that let middle class family to high class business man uses their service enormously without fail.

Ola and Uber cab are now in almost every smartphone user’s apptionary that sometime expert opinion poll can’t ignore the idea of “is it worth having own car while Uber & Ola around”!!

Update: Indian Govt. blocked Uber & Ola’s surge pricing in the busy hours and that will be a big blow for the cab aggregators, as they normally run on lower charges during non-surge timings and cash-in on the surge periods. Many argue that surge pricing is part of the economics of demand and supply. Many also add that while the government needs to set a cap on surge pricing, the real prices should actually be determined by demand and supply.

Let’s not take any gamble out of this where both these cab service company find customers for their own good and creates their own reputation in this technology driven world. 

Written by Mr. Indranil Sinha


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