Unparallel Speciality


Aaron is a differently unique personality completes his life cycle :-

The day was a fresh Monday. Aaron is sitting on a police shaped bike. The bike is colored as black and white and as police van the bike is also having a siren in front of the tank of fuel. Aaron is infront of a govt. building. As everyday he is having the food in the backside of his bike to deliver. Aaron is a hard working guy. Every morning he wakes up early and after washing his face and having a little food as breakfast he goes out for his work. As he is a bachelor guy he doesn’t generally cook his food. Everyday when he returns from his work generally at night time he brings bread and milk from a nearby place from his home. Generally he does all his work in a proper routine .He says “It all  depends on your habbit. Your whole life is a routine work. You have it all under control when you follow a proper habbit which can help you to sustain your body. “. Often when boredom attacks him he asked many questions to the night stars and sky. He wanted to know the meaning of life. In his gloomy days he lies in the roof for hours and hours and spends time with himself. With the job of delivery he also have chosen a different work .Generally in his off time he pastes and labels add and coupons into the leaflets. Generally it’s a part of his extra work. In the evening he walks around every home and houses in his own locality and other places and pastes the leaflets on the main gate or door which ever he finds out to be comfortable. And on the way back he sits in the benches of the parks. Often he seems to see the football matches on the locality playground. Sometimes he comes by the road and looks far in the city lights to the infinite. He stays in a place where there is not much crowd. Rather than the place is an empty one. The outskirts of the town

On the other part her father was a electrician and her mother was a simple housewife .So he learnt the machination of the wire and locks. He was a little bit psyche as her behaviours or symptoms used to be told. What he used to do was a little abnormal. On his free days or even on regular days he used to break open unknown houses where the house owner is out with their family on any trip or any urgency. That was in count of one side on the other hand he used to sit on every room and even wash the clothes of him in their bathroom. After that he used to take rest there for a few time . One of his other habit was to click pictures with any sort of wall hangings he sees on the room. He applies any sort of thoughts what comes in his mind during the stay in the home of some unknown. He believes in no reason of the existence of human race. He never also thought of it as any sort of crime. Though as per the rule or law we can’t break open any unknown person’s house but according to him it’s the resurrection. He becomes one new person every day after acquiring the thoughts and habits from the house, as he believes every home has something to say. The dwellers promote and produce the story of every home in the world. The windows , the shields, the surface, the walls are carrying a prolonged history and culture. They have been the pillar of memory. The on-looker can judge and justify the moments, the years the home is been standing for.

So in this way he was spending his life comfortably without much problems. He was content but empty.On someday in this way he broke open on a house and was doing the staffs which he often used to do. Firstly he roamed all the rooms including bed room, dining room, the free passage and the hallway. After that he went on to the wardrobe. He depicted it as a professional person’s house . He brought out some clothes and went on to the wash room to wash his own garments. He was washing the clothes. In the mean time he saw the landlady to watch him. He became completely silent and left his eyelid on the floor. Also he was completely unaware that the landlady was watching all his actions silently. As soon as the landlady understood that Aaron knows that he is being watched over she left the place within no time. They never had a single conversation in within them. He became unfamiliar. Silently he went away and entered into the bedroom and changed the garments and left the place.

After a few days he became a little bit intrusive about the lady. A sort of interest played within her mind. So he went to that house once again and trespassed but what he saw was unusual. She saw that the women he met the other time is sexually assaulted by her husband. He became angry and tried to rescue her. He wanted to protest against the consequence. A thought came up on his mind that what he should do and how? The business man who owned the house was rich enough to built a golf court within the house .Aaron got an idea. He went there to collect the golf stick and the ball. He Shot directly In his foot and consecutively he shot two more times firstly in his belly and then lastly in is shoulder. The person was standing, in no time he was fallen down on the grass. And after doing that he kept his eye on hers. She looked back but he left the place and went down and started his bike. As they never talked in language thus they always talked in signs and mark.  After it Aaron smartly went downstairs and started the engine of the bike and waited. The landlady also understood what Aaron want and came down. They both started their journey to the indefinite. Aaron didn’t change his habits. He used to do the same things only a company of the landlady was added in his mischievous works .

On that very day they felt that they got out from this mad world. They both enjoyed their silent company. But on the other side the house owner was annoyed with the situation and he was unable to forget aaron’s face. That became a nightmare to him. He was simply a spoiled brat with a lot of money. He was rich so he used to think he can do whatever he want with anyone. And he felt a sort of shame with the incident what happened to him. He made a police complain and the police also got hold of aaron. But they were utterly shocked that though Aaron broke into many houses but he didn’t steal any things or destroyed any thing. So they freed Aaron.

Afterwards Aaron And Lila lived happily and peacefully. Lila was always kind to Aaron as she thought Aaron to be a generous person to make her release the living cell. Gradually they fell in love and became each other’s companion

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