What Exactly is Laughter-Therapy: How It Helps Us in Modern Life?


·        Laughing plays a crucial role if you wants to stay fit both mentally and physically

·        Research results showed laughing can helps us stay calm and reduce heart-attacks

·        With laughing, blood circulation will be smooth and nervous system stimulates perfectly

By Indranil Sinha:  “Laughter is the best medicine” – when I try to find out what’s the inner meaning of this sentence, trust me I was amazed after some researchers found in web. Scientists from around the world even already found out many physical benefits moreover they want to use it as a therapy. They are talking about some critical case benefits from this wonderful therapy like chronic-arthritis and spondylitis like funny movies or social fun party etc. Many physical and specifically mental pressures creates infection and it entails our body structure, fighting power etc. whereas if you are happy and stress free then that will boost up counts of antibodies and white blood corpuscles in our blood effectively that will make them more functional.

Funny thing is that this therapy can applies to reduce blood pressure too. Scientists made research on two teams; team A went to movie hall for a comedy movie and team B went to a banquet to hear a sophisticated lecture. After some hours it’s showed that team A’s people has comparatively less blood sugar level.

Now if we consider scientist Michael Miller’s thoughtful words from University of Merryland, school of medicine, he showed us by his rigorous therapy that blood circulation in our body’s vein continues to grow up and nitric oxide in endothelium also increases when we watch any comedy movies or soaps. But, the opposite i.e veins on our body squandered up and blood circulation lessen up systematically if anybody want to watch movies like ‘Saving Private Ryan’. Miller also said that “prescription for health should include laughter”. Although many other scientists not this much confident but they went on confirming that laughter is also a type of exercise or good aerobic exercise and upheld the quality of life.

“Fear, hatred, panic is a synonym of death whereas smile is a synonym of life. Smile can’t stop death but can make our life much, much brighter before death. So smile and enjoy.”

In our daily routine life many maybe upset or feel bored about their life, but think about this amazing life where you don’t know the future, next moment, it’s like a rollercoaster maybe an epic thriller. Everybody has to play his/her part and what could be the best possible way if we start our day with a smile in our face.

Some points from expert analysis if we make laughter-therapy working in our daily life; use it effectively only if you want it.

  • See yourself in the mirror, find out if your forehead skin is straightened or not. Make it a habit of putting smile in your face.
  • Remember your glorious days in your life; the moments when you were really happy with your surroundings and people, it will help you to recreate happiness.
  • If you found anyone laughing, go towards that person. Maybe he can share the reason for his laughter session with you.
  • Spend ample leisure time of yours with funny people or people who like softcore jokes etc. and share those funny stories with others too as much as you can.
  • Share your life’s fun facts and moments with others also show your curiosity to know theirs too. Remember positive minded and funny people always want comedy around them only. Ignore boring people.
  • See as much as comedy movies, TV serials, stand-up comedy show etc. These will lift your mood for sure.
  • Pet animals are like pure form of positiveness. Spend time with them to feel more energetic.

Laughing is also a great source of body-entertainment, as when we laugh loudly that time our whole body muscle actually working together simultaneously to make it successful and clears up all the stress, tiredness etc. Only 2-3 minutes loud laugh can give us relief for hours. Scientists said that when we are in stress, stress-hormone in our body increases rapidly and when we laugh totally opposite reaction happen. With laugh as stress-hormone reduced, comparatively antibody of our blood cell became more powerful. A chemical name “Endorphin” made its cut from our body and helps to reduce body pain, headache etc. It’s also help us reducing heart problems too as loud laugh increases productivity of blood cells, respiratory system. Researches proved that if we laugh loudly around 100 times a day then the amount of energy our body intake equals to 10 minutes of rowing or 20 minutes of cycling. So you can figure it out how much good this laughter therapy as per Sigmund Freud, laughter act as a “Relief Theory” as it’s actually clears our daily life stress, painful memories etc.

Why Laughing-Club: Ask yourself, what do you want at the end of your day or after your life goal achieved? We all want peace and smile in our face. We all want to put all our loving memories in a form of savings bank account and clears our tension and take care of our life. Here is the main motto of this laughing club’s inauguration, it’s like a laughter-vault to us, we go these clubs to spend fruitful moments, enjoy like a kid. Main purpose of these clubs is unconditional laughing and I bet, you cannot ignore this natural thought, simple isn’t it, laugh as long as you can and enjoy. If you want to laugh, let all your tension go. Then you don’t need any laughter shows or anything, if you can laugh naturally with others that also with free-hand exercises and pranayama then that is the best thing one can do with his/her body.

Short Rules: 1. louder laughter with body pumping.

  1. laugh with close mouth and pump both chicks.
  2. silence laughter.

And deep-breathing with all these three types of laughing. In India the main man who is behind these laughter therapies and laughing club, Mr. Madan Kataria once said that there is no substitute of amusement laughter session.

Broader Picture: Today’s modern world is faster than faster, brutal, no art of living sense and in all these situational hazards it is very much a diminishing return of happiness we all are searching for. Laughter therapy or frequent laughter session is therefore a natural form of medicine we can have and totally free of cost. But I can remember once a person said in one laughter club that it’s became a habit after daily coming to laughter session and most importantly this smile became a genuine virus diluted into our blood. That’s a wonderful point of thinking considering recent world situation where a person totally forget when was the last time he actually laugh or even smile.

11th January is the laughter day and Dr. Kataria who is the founder of this day said that the main aim of these laughter clubs or sessions is to create a positive vibe in everybody’s life, make them more and more energetic towards life, more vibrant in nature that these will regulates the whole world to bring one word – “PEACE” .            


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