Is Yoga substitute for gym?


You may have heard many times that gym is the best way to beat that extra flab from the body. But do you know that you may get incredible results from doing Yoga too? Well, there is a lot of hullabaloo about it, but let’s understand what it actually does to strengthen the body muscles.

What it actually does?

With yoga you can attain a fine balance between mind and body. Itprovides flexibility with strength. With it, you achieve the positions using your muscles holding your body weight against gravity. Supporting own body weight helps to strengthen the muscles that are strong and is in proportion to each other. The fatter you are, the stronger you will get by doing exercises.

Why it is a substitute of strength training?

The poses involved in Yoga include stretching, which is one of the important components of physical conditioning. Moreover, having a regular yoga practice builds strength as well as flexibility. It is an integrative practice that helps to align your body in a way to prevent injuries.

Reasons why should cordon gym

It is much more efficient than gym– Why would you spend so much time working out at the gym when you can connect all the dots of your body together with yoga? Well, no amount of weight lifting is will make your muscles stronger than yoga.Also, practically everything you perform in yoga engages your core processes, starting from pose to pose movement, to different asanas, thus using your core to stabilize the body. And in different ways, yoga helps to strengthen the muscle, improve the heartbeat and lengthen the muscles all at once. Isn’t efficient?

It is a good cardio vascular substitute– Unlike gym, in yoga you have to do few sun salutations or do some poses, which helps your heart to pump blood more efficiently. Or, if you are bit more bold, go for some Kundalini Kriyas ( it involves dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and chanting of guru mantras satnam)

It is not a competitive game- What makes yoga a step ahead of gym is- absence of competitive spirit. Like, in gym we count on numbers, but in yoga it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. What matters is you and where you have reached.

It saves cost- In fact, yoga doesn’t cost you at all. All you need is little practice, you don’t need to wear specific clothes, just wear clothes that keep up your flexibility levels. Moreover, in yoga you don’t require special mattress, you can do it anywhere even at grass and carpet.

If you want to satiate yogic inspiration burning inside you, you can buy lot of CDs and DVDs available in the market or you can online videos on you Tube too.

It helps you to burn extra calories- Yoga helps you to lose flab almost instantly. It changes the way you approach life, your body and eating habits. It teaches you how to take care of the body and amazing things that you can do for your body and points where you need attention. Apart from making you slim, it introduces you to satvic diet for healthy body and mind. Spiritual enlightment is added benefit that you get!

A word of caution- if you are strictly non-vegetarian try changing your eating habits moderately, as a sudden change can hamper your body flexibility. Truly, it is an effective weight loss tool! And is much better than aggressive kick-boxing classes, isn’t?

A wide range of exercises-one of the main benefit of yoga is a variety. Well, routine can be monotonous, especially in gym where we have to lift some dumb bells, work on treadmill, drink protein and go back to home. It doesn’t happen in case of yoga. Every day is a different day, and the way you want it to be. Surprised? Yes, on one day you can throw some balances and on another day you can add inversions and convulsions in your practice. Want to focus? Try some balance poses sequentially on a similar foot. Or if you are seeking for relaxation, hang out like a pigeon and there are few other poses that lets you to relax.

No pain or injuries-one of the major benefit of yoga over gym is helps you to unite mind and body. This allows you to pay attention to how your body is feeling at all the times, so you move in a pose that is best for you and places in you in a position where your body really wants to be. And the net result is? An injury free body movement, thus leading to strong and healthy you!

On the whole

The poses in yoga include body lifting as a whole, as compared to certain muscles in strength training or body training or physical therapy. Physically, speaking yoga offers much more benefits in terms of cognitive ability, awareness, kinesthetic awareness, balance and ability to use various muscles at the same time. Because many muscles perform their function at the similar time, thus making the mind and body united.

It creates a fine balance

Because yoga helps you to use different muscles at a time, the body becomes strong in various ways as compared to when moved in isolated positions that do not simulate the movement that you do in routine life. For instance, many yoga poses require functioning of abdominal muscles to support the body as a whole. The strength of the muscles is balanced by flexibility. Flexibility minus strength creates weakness. A regular yoga practice creates a fine balance, improves strength, pumps in flexibility and creates strong muscles.


So, what is better?

If you ask me what is better? In my humble opinion, yoga is the best exercise, as it saves your time, save money, makes you feel great and above all it is inexpensive. So, prop up your feet and switch on your Tv channel, take inspiration from Baba Ramdev, Charlize Theron,  Demi Moore, Shilpa Shetty, Resse Witherspoon, Kareena Kapoor and do yoga! I, have already joined yoga movement, how about you?

Written by Ms. Jyoti bhatia


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