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Yoga tips that you need to be aware of during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most auspicious time for woman where even a little joy turns into excitement and a little health trouble turns into injury.  So, in this blog post we will provide you healthy tips to make your journey safe and the best.

But before jumpstarting, with unsafe poses that you need to avoid during pregnancy, let’s understand the benefits of yoga during pregnancy.

Unlike other exercises yoga is the best during pregnancy because it helps to maintain a fine balance between mind and body. Apart from that, it increases blood circulation, thus decreasing the swelling during pregnancy. It helps to connect dots of the body, so that you can remain calmer, even during the frequent hormonal change that occurs during the pregnancy. It keeps your body strong and fit, thus preparing you for the future.


The most frequent question that people ask is- it is safe to do yoga during pregnancy?

As told earlier, yoga offers a bundle of benefits to pregnant woman. It helps you to breathe and relax, which in turn helps you to adjust according to the physical demands of your body during pregnancy, labor, birth and motherhood. It calms down the nerves and is a great stress buster. But you need to take certain precautions.

Here are some queries that pregnant woman ask about yoga and pregannacy

Is it safe to join prenatal classes during pregnancy?

Yes, taking a prenatal yoga class is the best way to embark the journey towards parenthood and you will get a chance to meet other pregnant woman to discuss the problems.

What if I am not taking a prenatal class or how to ensure that my baby is safe?

The main way to stay safe during the yoga classes is to pay attention to your instincts. If you feel good at any moment then chances are there it is safe for your body and if you don’t feel comfortable in doing some pose or feel something is not right for your body, then don’t do it. Yoga is an individual practice without any competitor’s benchmark. Moreover, every person needs is different.  Therefore, the best way to remain safe is to tell to your teacher that you are pregnant, and he/she will guide you what is the best for your body.

In general, these poses are safe during pregnancy

  • Butterfly stretch
  • Cobra pose if done during first trimester
  • Seated forward bend pose with few variations
  • Side angle pose
  • Triangle pose
  • Cat cow pose

What poses you need to avoid during the pregnancy?

Deep Twist-it is a strictly banned pose during pregnancy unless and until your body feels fine while doing it.

Deep back bending pose or lot of back bending pose-Instead of back bending pose, try supported bridge pose under you sacrum for first few breaths or camel pose with hands and with your lower back.

Layingdown on your belly-now that it is but obvious. Instead of laying down on belly in classes, try standing on your knees and do camel pose, if it’s a same stretch.

Layingdown on the back- as the belly gets fatter, avoid doing this asana because the increased weight of your uterus interferes with the blood flow. It also increases the lower back pain, heartburn, blood pressure, etc.

Convulsions and Inversions– If you did inversions before you got pregnant, then it might be ok to continue doing that as long as you feel balanced and confident about the same. However, do pay attention to your belly. If you weren’t doing inversions before pregnancy, don’t attempt to do it, as it may harm your child.

So, the best is to avoid below-mentioned poses during pregnancy

  • Backbends
  • Balancing poses
  • Camel poses
  • Headstand
  • Handstand
  • Upward Bow

Other guidelines you need to follow during pregnancy:

  • If you are attending a regular yoga class and not the one specifically meant for pregnant woman, make sure you tell the instructor that you are pregnant and which trimester you are following
  • Don’t do any poses on your back during the first trimester-as it reduces the blood flow to the uterus.
  • Avoid poses that stretch muscles too much, particularly the abdominal muscle. You are more at risk for injuries because during pregnancy hormone relaxin allows uterus to expand, which in turn softens the connective tissue.
  • When the second trimester begins, or when your center of gravity shifts, you can do any standing poses with support of your heels to the wall or with help of chair for support. Don’t lose your balance.
  • Say no to Bikram yoga or hot yoga- it is a kind of yoga done in an overheated room. Overheated rooms can danger the life of a growing baby.
  • Try to keep pelvis in a neutral position during asanasby engaging the abdominal muscles and tucking the tailbone down and in. It relaxes the muscle of the body.
  • When doing twisting poses, go as far as your body feels comfortable and deep twists are not advisable during the pregnancy.
  • Listen carefully to the requirements of the body. If you feel discomfort doing any pose, avoid that and you’ll probably need to modify that pose according to body changes. A good yoga instructor can guide you better.
  • Don’t overexert the body- Pregnancy is the time to relax and not to push the body to new yoga heights or even to do difficult poses that you were capable of doing before getting pregnant. The ultimate aim of yoga during pregnancy is to maintain flexibility; alleviate body pain arising due to pregnancy, reduce anxiety and stress and to bond with your little one. Nurturing and growing your baby is a hard task-so embrace what you can do rather than mourning on for what you cannot. Don’t hesitate to take break or even skip class just for a nap.

Thus, if you are expecting a baby, taking up yoga class is wonderful because it not only keeps you fit, but also helps to alleviate some of the annoying discomfort that your body faces during the pregnancy. In case there is no prenatal yoga classes offered in the area take a regular class, but inform them and avoid doing above-mentioned poses.

Yoga will definitely make your pregnancy journey fun!


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